Training sessions


Improve your knowledge and optimize the use of your safety equipment

Learn how to optimize the ways in which you use your security items. in addition to the explanations we provide upon the purchase of security materials, we offer specialized training sessions for all of our products.

Thanks to training by our specialists in the industry, you are ready to ensure the security of your goods effectively. whether you require specialty training on security cameras, GPS, recorders and much more, our experts are there to help.

Private lessons are also available for people who want to improve their knowledge about surveillance and counter-surveillance measures.

The training can also include any of the following components:

  • Tools for investigation (mobile surveillance, night-time surveillance, audio-video recording, data collection)
  • Residential and commercial surveillance systems (digital recording systems, analog or digital cameras, optical devices and viewing angles)
  • Counter-surveillance (threats, detection devices, techniques to detect hidden cameras, microphones, voice recorders, cable or wireless transmitters)

Contact us for information about the rates of our training sessions.

Any questions?

If you have a question about a recently purchased product, we ask that you consult the user’s manual before contacting us. for any other questions regarding our products and services, please consult the contact us section.

Confidentiality policy

Spytronic Security Inc. will never sell or distribute your information to a third party. we protect the interests of all of our clients. any information collected by Spytronic Security Inc. is used solely for the purpose of evaluating the best solutions for the client’s needs. we ensure that we will never sell or distribute any information regarded to our clientele to any third party.