Surveillance Camera, Infrared WDR (outdoor)

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WDR (WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE) This camera delivers a powerful Wide Dynamic Range to provide the best pictures in interior and exterior conditions under extreme high contrasts between lightness and darkness...


This camera delivers a powerful Wide Dynamic Range to provide the best pictures in interior and exterior conditions under extreme high contrasts between lightness and darkness and automatically compensates a necessary light level to get detailed information in the dark park without saturation from the bright part. The WDR function is very efficient in normal CCD by using Dual Shutter (Long& Short shutter) algorithm and the specialized AE (Auto Exposure) and intelligent image processing.


DSP technology achieves a 3D-DNR (3D -Digital Noise Reduction) function very excellently by using upgraded 3D filtering and enables to keep this function automatically while operating the camera to provide the clear and superior images in very low light luminance. Normally video noise is increased at low light condition while the gain level of amplifier expends. DSP compensates the dynamic noise by using the information of formal frame in no activity part


The horizontal resolution of 600 TV Lines at Color mode and 700 TV Lines at Black/White mode by using a high density CCD. Performs vivid and obvious image output with ultra high horizontal resolution by using a De-mosaic interpolation algorithm and also a specialized and built-in sharpness filter.


Perfect Adaptive Defect Correction delivers more clear pictures to be captured in very low light illuminance by using two methods of algorithm for the defect pixel compensation and performs the zero defect throughly.


Permits high quality pictures by supporting a long time of the exposure more than 1/60sec.[NTSC] and enables to recognize the shape and color of suspended object under the no light condition in case of the exposure of more than 8sec.(x512).

HLC (High Light Compensation)

Can recognize a visible car license plate clearly by blocking unnecessary lights.

D-ZOOM (x1 -x10)

Various magnification helps to get an enlarged video image very conveniently. Remotely controllable technology for physical control by a built-in pan & tilt function on the chip.

DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)

Delivers a digital image stabilization and the picture accuracy for anti-shaking compensaton against the exterior influence such as wind and vibration after installing camera and permits more stable images in video output. You may obtain the moving direction information of the objects per field as the chip has a built-in image tracking module.


Ensures to protect the privacy for the private and specific areas onto the video signal output by polygonal masking function very conveniently and exactly. Allows the size and position of the masking area to be controlled very easily and conveniently and 8 areas masking setting which is user programmable in color, brightness ad mosaic.


Loaded with Day & Night function to deliver high quality color and performance while converting the color into monochorome automatically as under less than the specific level of the sensitivity. Is more superior in the Sense-up function with x512 and 3D-DNR very effectively to ensure a clear image in the darkness.

Electronic Shutter : 1/60 - 1/100 000

Infrared : Oui, 80 unités

Lens : Iris automatique 6 - 50 mm DC

Minimum illumination : 0.4 Lux

Operating Temperature : -20°C à 60°C

Power supply : DC12V,1200mA

Resolution : 600 lignes, 700 lignes en N / B

Scanning : NTSC

Sensor : CCD Sony SuperHAD II 1/3 "

Video output : Vidéo 1.0Vp-p / 75ohm 0.714Vp-p

White balance : ATW / AWC / Manuel / Push