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SPE-CNE records all instant messages, chat conversations, emails sent and received, web sites visited, programs run, network bandwidth, files downloaded, files copied to removable media, and even keystrokes typed. In...

SPE-CNE records all instant messages, chat conversations, emails sent and received, web sites visited, programs run, network bandwidth, files downloaded, files copied to removable media, and even keystrokes typed.

In addition, SPE-CNE takes screen snapshots to create the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape, so you can see the EXACT sequence of everything your employees are doing, step by step.

This detailed recorded information is automatically organized for easy analysis and reporting, making investigations thorough, yet fast and simple, providing you with all the evidence you need to prove guilt or innocence.

Further, when employees find out you have a sure-fire way of detecting unacceptable activity they will cease to engage in these activities, because there is no better deterrent to bad behavior than the FEAR OF BEING CAUGHT.

SPE-CNE will help your company:
- Conduct Investigations on Employees Suspected of Inappropriate Activity
- Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Activity
- Eliminate Leaking of Confidential Information
- Recover Lost Crucial Communications (Email, Chat & Instant Messages)
- Assist Help Desk Staff With PC Recovery
- Meet or Exceed Federal, Industry or Agency Compliance Requirements for Keeping Records of Company Communications and Transactions.


- Monitor Ongoing Employee Performance and PC Proficiency
- Obtain Proof to Support Accusations of Wrongdoing
- Reduce Security Breaches
- Detect the Use of Company Resources to Engage in Illegal or Unethical Activities
- Limit Legal Liability (including Sexual and Racial Harassment)
- Enforce PC and Internet Acceptable Use Policies

SPE-CNE records all their:

- Emails (Incoming and Outgoing)
Whenever an email is sent or received, SPE-CNE creates a hidden duplicate (including file attachments) and stores it away for later review. SPE-CNE also keeps a copy of deleted email.

- Chats (Both Sides of the Conversation)
SPE-CNE records the name of all parties involved in a Chat/IM session and saves a complete copy of the conversation. This information is recorded for AOL, MSN, ICQ, and various other Chat/IM programs.

- Web Sites Visited
SPE-CNE advanced and intuitive Web Site recording, you will get a quick yet exact picture of each individual's web surfing behavior.

- Program Activity Monitoring
SPE-CNE includes a monitoring tool that provides a clear and concise overview of the programs being used on your office PCs. SPE-CNE will track the day and time a program is launched and the total duration of activity in that program. Program specific information is also recorded including the window title.

- File Transfer Recorder
SPE-CNE records files transferred over the internet by keeping track of HTTP, FTP and P2P file transfers. You will be able to see who is downloading or uploading files, what file protocol is being used, which service is being used, the name of the file being transferred and the type of file being transferred (audio, image, video, software, document).

- Snapshot Recording
Imagine surveillance cameras pointed directly at every PC on your company network, filming all Internet and general PC activity, and storing this in a secure area for later review. That is the idea behind the Snapshot Recorder tool in SPE-CNE. It takes hundreds of snapshots every hour on each networked PC, very much like a surveillance camera. Snapshots are taken of whatever is on the computer screen at the frequency you choose as often as once per second.

- Keyword Detection & Reporting
When a keyword or phrase is detected, SPE-CNE immediately jumps into overdrive. Snapshot frequency is automatically increased to ensure that every detail of the offender's actions are captured as evidence. Additionally, SPE-CNE collects information regarding the offense and sends an instant keyword alert via email to the specified IT administrator or appropriate compliance manager.

- Network Activity Recorder
SPE-CNE records information about all internet connections made on a computer. You will be able to see at a glance which applications are connecting to the Internet, when the connections are made, the internet address they connected to, what TCP ports are being used, and the amount of network bandwidth consumed by those connections.

- Document Tracking Recorder
SPE-CNE includes a document tracking feature which allows you to determine whether files/documents may be exiting your company via removable media such as floppy, zip, CD, DVD or USB storage devices and memory sticks. The document tracking feature also allows you to track documents that are printed and who is copying or printing potentially sensitive files or documents.

Disclaimer : Softwares are not to be used for surreptitious interception of communications contrary to law. Operation of softwares may not be allowed by D.O.C. /F.C.C. and Industry Canada regulations. Please check and obey all laws which may apply to you.

The software must only be used to monitor computers when the owner/user has given permission for you to do so. If the software is installed on a computer whose owner/user has not given permission, then you could liable for legal action.

Softwares are only sold for use in a legal manner. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain and obey all laws which may apply to possession and/or use of these products. Section 191 of the Canadian Criminal Code.