Abuse of elders

Quebec is among the places in the world where the aging of the population is very significant.

You will be surprised to know that even today, elder abuse is less penalized than animal abuse.

The urgency of creating legislation to give a voice to this vulnerable population gave birth to Bill 115 in 2016. you have probably heard in the news that the lack of space in CHSLDs creates a waiting list up to 4 years depending on the region of quebec you are from. this combined with a lack of employees and often overworked can certainly give you worries about the well-being of your elderly relative who is losing his autonomy. you will be reassured to learn that it is now possible to use surveillance devices in your loved one's room so that you can be sure that he or she is being treated well. several horror stories have been in the news in the past years and have cast doubt on the quality of care your loved one receives when you are not present. The draft law governing practice confirms that it will now be legal to have hidden cameras in the room of a patient, and this without the knowledge of long-term care staff. The law is expected to come into effect in late 2017 / early 2018.

Hidden camera CHSLD - legislation

Are you trying to confirm a doubt that someone in your family is being abused?

The use of cameras will however have to be reasonable and justified. the installation of surveillance gadgets should ensure the safety of the patient and thus identify cases of abuse. the identity of the people on the videos will have to be protected except in case of denunciation. the user will also have to delete all the records once the viewing is finished. it is highly recommended to seek legal help if the videos present abuse or mistreatment to see the next steps to use the recorded images as compelling evidence.

Hidden camera CHSLD - what to use?

Several types of electronic gadgets exist on the market. just decide which device seems the most logical to add to your loved one's room.

Some hidden cameras have dual functionality and could go unnoticed in the patient's room. for example, some cameras are placed in an alarm clock or a Bluetooth speaker. moreover, for an even more versatile and subtle option, you can also use a USB wall charger with hidden camera. often, these technologies give you the ability to view live and remote recordings from your tablet or smartphone.

Our store offers a variety of options that will be compatible with your reality. whether online, over the phone or in person, do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. the quality of life of your loved ones is important to us!