Do you have suspicions about your spouse? Spytronic helps you see clearly.


When one of the spouses suspects the other of having an affair, the latter may be tempted to find evidence that incriminates the other in order to obtain a divorce. Social networks being an open door to everyone's privacy, they also represent a mine of information where to find information relevant to the cause.

Some spouses decide to go further in order to expose the truth. When this is the case, they wish to protect themselves with surveillance cameras, microphones or GPS trackers to follow the loved one. For this type of mandate, Spytronic can help you see more clearly by presenting the products available to you as well as discussing the legality of the actions taken.


The advantages of our equipment

Absolute subtlety

Our products are delivered with the utmost discretion. The majority of them are very subtle or dual-purpose, invisible to the naked eye.


Our products are equipped with the most recent technologies. They are used by the general public, but also by security experts.


The products offered by Spytronic are durable. Used properly, they have a long lifespan and are designed to withstand bad weather.


Our recording devices offer you high definition images that are crisp and clear, so you don’t miss any of the important details


Our surveillance products will give you the evidence you need to build a complete and unequivocal case.

Professional advice

Our professionals, passionate about safety, recommend the best products depending on the situation and advise you without any problem!


Enregistreur miniature sur carte Micro SD S17

This audio recorder, hidden in a 32 GB micro SD card, is capable of picking up sound up to a distance of 9 meters and offers a battery that lasts 30 to 40 hours in continuous recording. Included with this accessory is an adapter and a USB cable for charging, as well as an SD card reader for the computer. This format, no matter how small, will be your ally and can collect all the audio evidence you need, whether in the car or hidden elsewhere.

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Enregistreur Miniature Sur Carte Micro Sd S17
ONYX AXIA GPS Tracker: Real-Time 4G, Integrated Magnets, Long Battery Life

GPS - Appareil professionnel pour suivi en temps réel

Very discreet, this GPS provides very high quality precision as well as localization intervals of 10 minutes and 10 seconds. Receive alerts on your smartphone via text or email after the vehicle is in movement or leaves the coverage zone. You will know where the vehicle is at all times. It is important to know that a prepaid card subscription is required to use the GPS and is not included. Learn more in store about how it works.

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