Détectez les appareils
Use the right tools


Quel que soit l’endroit où nous allons, il est possible que nous nous sentions observés par des caméras cachées, des micros sans fil ou autre appareils spécialisés et ce, dans plusieurs types d’endroits tels que maisons privées, toilettes publiques ou autres. Avec les outils que nous vous proposons, vous pourrez aisément les détecter, en plus de capter les radiofréquences qu’ils émettent. Grâce à l’aide de nos spécialistes, choisissez le meilleur outil pour ne plus vous sentir observés, tout en respectant les lois en vigueur et vous sentir plus à l’aise et en sécurité dans les endroits que vous fréquentez.



Absolute subtlety

Our products are delivered with the utmost discretion. The majority of them are very subtle or dual-purpose, invisible to the naked eye.

Professional quality

Our products are equipped with the most recent technologies. They are used by the general public, but also by security experts.


The products offered by Spytronic are durable. Used properly, they have a long lifespan and are designed to withstand bad weather.

HD Recording

Our recording devices offer you high definition images that are crisp and clear, so you don’t miss any of the important details.

Solid evidence

Our surveillance products will give you the evidence you need to build a complete and unequivocal case.

Professional advice

Our professionals are passionate about safety and recommend the best products for your specific situation while offering useful advice!

Quelles solutions s’offrent à vous?

Détecteur de caméras cachées avec ou sans fil

Do you feel observed? Do you want to detect the hidden cameras around you? Discover the hidden camera detector! Our camera detector is easy to use, simply look into the lens, press the button and walk around the room or area. All hidden cameras in this room will magically become visible with a red flashing light. This device comes with a lens detector as well as a 5V wall charger when purchased. Live freely and safely away from hidden cameras thanks to the camera detectors offered at Spytronic.

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Détecteur De Caméras Cachées Avec Ou Sans Fil
Détecteur De Radiofréquences (Rf)

Détecteur de radiofréquences

The SPT CSS-005 radio frequency detector allows you to detect a multitude of wireless devices emitting radio frequencies. Whether it is hidden cameras, hidden microphones, cellphones or even a Wi-Fi network, this detector is equipped with indicator lights that make it possible to distinguish the different sources of wireless radio frequencies (camera, bug, LTE). When it detects frequencies, the device may ring or vibrate and display the signal strength. For more information, Spytronic specialists will be happy to advise you and present you the best products for the desired purpose.

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