Spytronic provides devices to help you protect yourself


All forms of harassment - sexual, psychological or physical - are no longer acceptable and more and more victims tend to denounce their aggressors. Because we want the harassment you may be experiencing to stop, we offer products that allow you to win your case by collecting a lot of evidence legally.

Whether it's through words or actions, we know that harassment harms a person's integrity, regardless of the environment in which the assault occurs. Our specialists are the people best placed to guide you towards the product to choose to prove the occurrence of an act of this magnitude.


The advantages of our equipment

Absolute subtlety

Our products are delivered with the utmost discretion. The majority of them are very subtle or dual-purpose, invisible to the naked eye.


Our products are equipped with the most recent technologies. They are used by the general public, but also by security experts.


The products offered by Spytronic are durable. Used properly, they have a long lifespan and are designed to withstand bad weather.


Our recording devices offer you high definition images that are crisp and clear, so you don’t miss any of the important details


Our surveillance products will give you the evidence you need to build a complete and unequivocal case.

Professional advice

Our professionals, passionate about safety, recommend the best products depending on the situation and advise you without any problem!


Clé USB Enregistreur vocal

Whether you are experiencing harassment from a neighbor or another equally serious event, you will find several tools that are easy to use and subtle so as to go completely unnoticed. This is the case with this USB drive. With two different modes, this recorder can be used continuously for 24 hours, or for 25 days using voice activation. Seek advice from our experts on applicable privacy laws. One thing is certain, this device will make you feel safe.

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MemoQ, USB key long term voice recorder, 24 hrs
Enregistreur vocal sous forme d’une épinglette / macaron 38

Enregistreur vocal sous forme d’épinglette

This little pin is automatically triggered by sound and allows a recording of up to 38 hours in continuous mode. It is used for both adults and children who are left alone or whose parents do not feel comfortable letting them go in certain places. Very easy to use, this device will give you security and tangible proof in case of problems. Like the voice recorder, it can be hidden on the person, for optimal discretion.

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