Secure your business

Secure Your Business


There are multiple examples of threats to your business, yet choosing the right solution is not so obvious. we can help you choose the proper security equipment to prevent theft or other losses within your company.

Spytronic offers a complete range of security equipment and services for your business such as alarm systems, hidden cameras, tracking devices and much more. choosing the proper equipment and solution in order to obtain results and to get rid of unwanted losses prevails.


Surveillance cameras

With over half a million robberies reported every year according to statistics canada, surveillance cameras have become an indispensable investment for businesses in all industries. in addition to protecting against theft and vandalism, they allow companies to verify and control access levels.


Hidden cameras

According to Quebec laws, hidden cameras can be used for a limited time in exceptional situations such as theft, vandalism or the leakage of confidential information. however, hidden cameras should not be used for any illegal activity or to infringe upon private life.


Tracking devices

Tracking devices can be used to locate and recover stolen materials or vehicles. they also serve to track delivery trucks in order to verify any deviations from the original trajectory, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your fleet.


Telephone recording systems

Telephone recording systems can be used to ensure a certain level of quality in customer service operations, or to help train new personnel. In exceptional situations such as fraud, information theft or contract forwarding, a passive or active listening may be necessary.



Although Spytronic Security Inc. has a multitude of security solutions available to fulfill almost any security need, certain situations may require custom-made items. for example, covert operations may require a camera or recording system to be embedded within an everyday item or electronic device in order to obtain the desired information. we offer conception services in order to create these items on demand.


Electronic countermeasures

A company’s knowledge and unique know-how is often a key factor to its success, making information leakage a fatal threat to your business. if you fear that your information is being leaked to your competitors, it may be imperative to your business for you to contact our professional services. we can perform a thorough sweep of your premises and equipment, as well as an in-depth analysis of your current situation, allowing us to apply the proper corrective measures and to protect you from any future threats.