Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Protect your privacy. protect your revenue.

According to the CSIS, millions of dollars of revenue are lost every year in canada alone due to economic espionage in both private and public sectors. 1

Businesses both large and small often ignore this threat to their own peril. the danger of economic espionage has never been more present than it is today, and it grows more significant every day. but don't worry, you can fight back.

Spytronic Security Inc. has the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform high-level inspections and sweeps to protect your business.

Our professional services include (but are not limited to):

  • Internal and external physical inspections of the premises with structured revisions
  • On-site and off-site comparative RF survey analysis
  • RF inspections with multiple probes and antennas
  • VLF transmitter detection for power lines and cables
  • NLJD inspections and sweeps for the detection of electronic components
  • Telephone line inspection for the detection of transmitters or modifications
  • NLJD and TDR inspections for cables, telephone lines and electrical circuits
  • Mobile tracking device detection
  • Acoustic leakage detection
  • Oral or written report on demand
  • Training sessions on best practices to protect the integrity of sensitive information

Prices will vary according to threat levels and equipment/services required.

Important information

If you believe you are the victim of illegal eavesdropping or electronic espionage, visit us in person or contact us from a secure off-site email address. if you contact us by phone, please use a public payphone outside of the targeted area. contacting us from the suspected site may compromise any further operations with us.

To learn more about economic or electronic espionage, we recommend that you visit the official website of the canadian government :


Our prices may vary depending on the threat, the equipment used and the services requested.

Any questions?

If you have a question about a recently purchased product, we ask that you consult the user’s manual before contacting us. for any other questions regarding our products and services, please consult the contact us section.

Confidentiality policy

Spytronic Security Inc. will never sell or distribute your information to a third party. we protect the interests of all of our clients. any information collected by Spytronic Security Inc. is used solely for the purpose of evaluating the best solutions for the client’s needs. we ensure that we will never sell or distribute any information regarded to our clientele to any third party.