Discover a wide variety of professional services offered in order to meet all your security needs. you'll find services such as custom design, equipment rentals, technical surveillance countermeasures and much more.

We bring together a large range of services as well as a team of passionate specialists to advise you in the best methods available to preserve and monitor your assets with the help of professional services at the cutting edge of technology. contact us to discuss with an expert and find out what solutions are available to you.

Technical surveillance countermeasures

We can help you reduce the risks of becoming a victim of electronic espionage. our services include professional sweeps to detect any electronic eavesdropping devices.

Certain security projects require customized electronic devices. we can conceive and create solutions to suit your specific needs.

Rental services

We provide equipment rentals for short-term operations so that you can save on the heavy investment of a purchase.


Our private training sessions will deepen your knowledge about security and optimize the usage you make of the products we offer.