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Axia GPS vs Apple's AirTag: The Strategic Choice for Professional Fleet Tracking

Find out why GPS Axia outperforms Apple AirTag for professional fleet tracking: accuracy, real-time tracking, and advanced features.

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Keep an eye on your vehicles with ONYX GPS tracking units

Did you know there are many advantages to installing a car GPS tracker in your company vehicles? Not only can you know exactly where your assets are, but you can

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GPS tracker: locate the vehicles of your company

Do you have a fleet of vehicles traveling the roads to provide deliveries or services ? Does your business have trailers that are left unattended for a period of time

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Sexual harassment: How to protect yourself

A few weeks ago, the scandal Harvey Weinstein gave rise to the movement #metoo. the surge of testimony and denunciations of sexual harassment and sexual assaults that ensued around the

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Abuse of elders

Quebec is among the places in the world where the aging of the population is very significant. You will be surprised to know that even today, elder abuse is less

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