Keep an eye on your vehicles with ONYX GPS tracking units

Did you know there are many advantages to installing a car GPS tracker in your company vehicles? Not only can you know exactly where your assets are, but you can also enhance your business operations.

In a professional context, the installation of this type of device offers many advantages. Among other things, it enables you to:

  • Manage your fleet efficiently
  • Increase vehicle safety and protection
  • Improve the productivity of your teams on the road
  • Reduce travel and operational costs

Designed and sold by Spytronic, the ONYX GPS from the Axia GPS range offers real-time tracking and movement visibility. If your teams are out on the road and have routes to plan, this enables you to optimize route planning.

Whatever vehicles you own, ONYX trackers are easy to install in just a few seconds. It's a real ally in ensuring the safety of your assets and giving you peace of mind. In this article, you'll find out more about the functions of our battery-powered device. You'll also discover how it can improve your performance.

A size that ensures discretion

Whether you need it for cars, semi-trailers or heavy machinery, the ONYX GPS will meet your needs. The device attaches to metal surfaces, allowing it to fit onto all types of vehicles.

The unit's size means it's unobtrusive, so you can track your vehicle's movements discreetly in real time. In the event of theft, it will be easier to trace your assets, especially if they leave the areas you've delimited. GPS location data provides you with the precise coordinates of your device and, consequently, your vehicle's current location.

State-of-the-art technology

Axia GPS tracking devices comply with industry standards. They are weatherproof, making them an ideal ally in your business operations.

Cutting-edge technology forms the basis of their design, providing unrivalled functionality. For example, the unit has a feature that alerts when someone removes or poses a risk to the GPS.

The following features are among others what makes the ONYX GPS your device of choice.

Extensive coverage

Like all mobile devices, the GPS device operates via a SIM card. Get real-time data quickly with the ONYX since it links to 4G/LTE technology. The ONYX also offers an accuracy radius that extends to plus or minus 2 metres. Get your company vehicles global position without any hassle thanks to the ONYX GPS.

Robust magnetism

Attaching the ONYX GPS to any vehicle is quick and easy, thanks to its 3 powerful magnets. They securely and sturdily hold the device in place. You will never have to worry about the unit's presence.

Precise tracking

Installing an ONYX GPS tracker ensures precise tracking of your vehicles. The device attaches to any type of vehicle and actively transmits geolocation data to the mobile application. The ONYX GPS vehicle tracking is easy to use. It gives you access to all available information on the location of the GPS, and therefore your vehicles.

Long-lasting charging

The device features a rechargeable lithium battery for extended autonomy. Depending on the operations performed, the ONYX can operate from 30 to 90 days without needing to recharge the battery. You can therefore focus your attention on what truly matters without worrying about your GPS unit’s battery life.

In conclusion, this GPS tracker offers an efficient and optimal solution for managing the movements of your fleet of vehicles. This technology enables you to intervene quickly in the event of a problem.

Keep an eye on your fleet at all times, and never let your movements escape your vigilance. Choose Axia's ONYX GPS for unrivaled accuracy and reliability!