About us

Spytronic Montreal 10 th year Anniversary

Spytronic Security Inc. was founded in 2004 by an ambitious electromechanical technician in montreal. the company has since grown at a rapid rate that reflects the ambition and determination of its founder, becoming one of the most prominent distributors of security equipment and services in canada.

Today, our team has grown to encompass a group of dedicated security professionals that are passionate about their work. they are proud to demonstrate all the latest innovations in security technologies in one of the most impressive showrooms in north-east america.

notre mission

Our mission

Our goal is to help our clients protect themselves and their assets by providing them access to all of the latest tools and technologies that the security industry has to offer. To fulfill this mission, we provide the most advanced technologies available, as well as services with certified professionals. our team has the capacity to assess any situation or threat, and to recommend the best solution possible.

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Our company

The continuous support and confidence provided by our clientele has allowed Spytronic Security Inc. to become a prominent player in our field. we specialize in technical surveillance, asset monitoring and information security for businesses who need to protect their unique know-how and confidential information.


Our team

Electronic espionage equipment is constantly evolving, which means that our team needs to keep one step ahead of the game. for this reason, we strive for continuous growth and knowledge.