Reseller program

Spytronic Security Inc. gives businesses operating within the security industry the prodigious opportunity to earn additional income by reselling our products through their distribution channels. by joining our reseller program, you will receive permission to sell our exclusive products, as well as access to very advantageous discount prices. please note that a minimum order of $5000 is required to become a reseller for Spytronic Security Inc. if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, please send us a request via the contact us section of this website.

A representative will contact you shortly to answer your questions.

Inventors / Developers / Creators

At Spytronic Security Inc., we strive for continuous innovation within the domain of security equipment and technologies. if you’re a developer or inventor with a great idea that could revolutionize the security industry, we’d love to help you develop your idea into a product. you’ll benefit from working with a team of experienced professionals who can help take your idea to the next level and who have experience in the marketing and distribution of products.

Please use the contact us section of this website to tell us about your idea.

Manufacturers / Distributors

Over the years, Spytronic Security Inc. has earned a reputation as a leader in the domain of security equipment. our reputation has attracted many manufacturers and distributors who seek a reliable company to represent their product lines and services.

We offer many advantages to the manufacturers we represent, including the following:

  • International recognition
  • Excellent web visibility and SEO
  • Efficient and ergonomic website for clever research
  • Excellent distribution channels
  • Well-established and recurrent clientele
  • Efficient worldwide delivery infrastructure
  • Qualified, well-trained and competent representatives
  • Efficient technical support infrastructure
  • Multiple governmental and corporate references
  • Customized systems and devices adapted to customer demands
  • Solid on-field experience of our technicians and representatives

Spytronic Security Inc. also has a privileged relationship with security professionals in both private and public sectors. choosing us as a strategic partner to represent your products will therefore increase the standing of your product line at an international level within the following fields:

  • Investigators, detectives
  • Law enforcement
  • Corporations
  • Companies offering surveillance solutions
  • Government, military
  • Ministries, departments and others


Spytronic Security Inc. offers an excellent opportunity for investors who are interested in the security domain. founded in 2004, this company has shown an exceptional capacity for growth, with the potential (and mission) of becoming a worldwide leader within the next few years.

Our growth is compounded by the fact that we reinvest profits into development, research and technological advancement, allowing us to build a solid reputation as industry leaders.

Spytronic Security Inc. is a privately held corporation. If you’re an investor seeking more information about the opportunities our company offers, please send us a request through the contact us section of this website

Please note that only serious offers will be considered.


Although Spytronic Security Inc. does not currently offer any franchising opportunities, we are currently reviewing this possibility for future endeavours. if this opportunity would be of interest of you, please use the contact us section of this website to request further information. please note that only serious offers will be considered.