Secure your home

Secure Your Home


With our knowledge and expertise, Spytronic Security Inc. is well-disposed to find a surveillance system or security solution that is adapted for your specific needs.

Investing in a security system will protect you and your loved ones against theft and vandalism, allowing you to live with peace of mind.


Surveillance cameras

In most cases, thieves take the time to scope out their target prior to committing a robbery. surveillance cameras allow you to identify people who roam around your premises, knowing that they will probably visit more than once before committing their offense. statistics prove that it is quite rare that a robber will commit a crime if there is any risk of being identified.


Hidden cameras

Most criminals choose their target in advance, and usually choose a target that they know from close or from far. this is why hidden cameras can help to catch a criminal both before and during their criminal act. hidden cameras present no legal issues as long as they are installed upon your own property and do not infringe upon private life.


Tracking devices

If you’re the owner of an expensive vehicle, you may be a target of choice. the knowledge and tools available to car thieves are continually becoming more sophisticated, allowing them to disarm vehicle security systems with ease. a tracking device is harder to detect and disarm, making it an efficient tool for the safety of your vehicle. in addition, should your child choose to borrow your car, you will be able to identify their location at any time without worry.


Innovative company

We’re constantly developing new solutions that push the limits of what is possible in the industries of surveillance and security, making us uniquely competent in providing you with the right solutions to fit your needs.


Solutions to respond to your needs

We invite you to consult our list of services or ask for an evaluation of your needs. our team of experts will gladly evaluate your situation and guide you through any questions you may have.