Sexual harassment: How to protect yourself

A few weeks ago, the scandal Harvey Weinstein gave rise to the movement #metoo. the surge of testimony and denunciations of sexual harassment and sexual assaults that ensued around the world has shed light on a systemic problem. quebec has not escaped, and several well-known personalities have been recently accused of these acts: Eric Salvail, Gilbert Rozon, Michel Venne to name only these. this article proposes solutions to protect yourself better.

But what exactly is sexual harassment? according to the harcè website, these are words or undesirable gestures with a sexual connotation and that harm the mental or physical integrity of an individual. moral and sexual harassment thus harms the social or work environment of the victim.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be achieved by blackmail of working conditions (promotion or dismissal) in order to obtain sexual favors. unsolicited attitudes may also be moral harassment, such as repeated indecent remarks, frequent inappropriate bodily approaches, and so on. if you believe you are a victim of such an act, there are many ways to protect yourself. be aware that the workplace often has a policy to deal with this type of problem. ask the Human Resources Manager. it is your employer's responsibility to put an end to inappropriate behavior in your workplace. Know that unlike sexual assault, sexual harassment is not listed in the Criminal Code as an offense. however, there are legal matters for sexual harassment in the workplace.

It is your job to first try to resolve the situation using internal complaint processes. if you do not get the desired results, you can proceed to the next steps.

If you are a worker governed by Canadian law, you are protected under the canada cabor code and the Canadian Human Rights Act. On the other hand, if you are a worker governed by the act respecting labor standards, you must file a complaint with the standards, equity, health and safety committee.

Audio / visual recording device

Did you know that it is perfectly legal to record a phone conversation in which you participate from your home? If the harassment extends to after work, do not hesitate to use a landline telephone recorder!

Conversations at workplaces where you are being harassed may also be recorded under certain conditions. several easy-to-use gadgets exist such as recorders in the form of short and long-lasting USB sticks or even a versatile pen. if you need visual recording, several hidden camera formats are available and affordable.

There are cameras hidden in an iPhone case, in a digital clock, in a smoke detector and even in a USB car charger. self defense device On the other hand, if you feel at risk of sexual assault, some tools may be worn to make you feel safer.

The pepper spray keychain is a good example. please note that it is forbidden to use it as a weapon unless you can prove it was imperative to use it to protect yourself.

A personal self-defense alarm can also be attached to your keychain. this device is powerful enough to scare an attacker and thus create the momentum you need to get yourself out of a dangerous situation.

Hopefully these tips and devices have inspired you to take things in hand. regardless of the device you choose, it is strongly recommended that you consult a legal aid to ensure that the context in which you use a defense device or that you record another individual does not affect his privacy.