GPS tracker: locate the vehicles of your company

Do you have a fleet of vehicles traveling the roads to provide deliveries or services ? Does your business have trailers that are left unattended for a period of time ? Are you more of a recreational vehicle owner who wants to keep a vigilant watch on your assets ?

A GPS tracker can be a highly useful and a profitable solution for your business operations. A valuable tool for private investigators here and abroad, it allows you to track the location of your vehicle in real time at all times.

Regardless of whether you are a contractor, a parent, an individual, a large corporation or a retiree, the Onyx GPS tracker is a tool that can prove to be extremely useful. There are many benefits to using a GPS tracking device.

In the following lines, you will discover 4 important advantages for why your company should be equipped with a device such as the Onyx geolocation system.

Prevent the theft of material

Possessing a leading expertise in equipment that allows to collect tangible evidence and to dissuade against thefts of any kind, Spytronic has developed a device with a furtive and weather resistant look.

For both commercial and residential use, it can be used to track all vehicles on which it is installed: automobiles, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles or others. The GPS is equipped with 3 integrated magnets, it is robust and will remain in place for a long period of time.

When the GPS is attached to the vehicle, it uses 4G/LTE technology and information such as latitude and longitude as well as degrees/minutes to enable you to track the current position of a vehicle via a complete and trilingual interface.

Remember it is also possible to record the history of its movements. Thus, it will be easy to locate the exact location of one of your assets if they are reported stolen. This will allow you to act immediately to ensure proper handling and avoid considerable losses.

Analyze fleet efficiency

Each vehicle in your company has significant costs associated with them. Among them are maintenance, gas, labor, insurance, etc. Without forgetting the driving of your employees.

For example, you will be able to improve the tracking of your vehicles, trucks, trailers, etc. and access valuable information that is quickly updated. Thanks to a map such as Google Maps, you will be able to follow the movements, but also the number of hours the vehicle has been on the road for. As motor carriers are subject to specific laws, the GPS will be able to corroborate the driver's activity log.

Analyzing the efficiency of your fleet will finally permit you to make wise choices about the next actions to take. This could prevent unnecessary increases in your company's operating and distribution costs. You may discover potential problems in your transportation processes that could be avoided, thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.

Ensure employee safety

Vehicles aren't the only thing you value, the safety of your employees is just as important. By knowing the exact location of your vehicles at all times, you can respond quickly to a request for help in the event of a mechanical breakdown or emergency.

A GPS tracker like the ONYX will allow you to save crucial minutes in a potentially critical situation by rapidly obtaining the decimal degrees of the vehicle's position. This information can then be provided to the best help resources for a quick response.

All this information is available in the application, which you can download on your smartphone.

Long battery life

The ONYX GPS system offers unparalleled tracking and coverage. Targeted tracking accuracy within a 2-meter radius gives you reliable GPS coordinates.

Through the customer portal, you can easily configure many parameters. These include motion alerts, event notifications, zone entry and exit alerts, etc.

The device's long-lasting battery also gives you some peace of mind, as it is active for a period of 30 to 90 days, and goes into standby mode when it is not active.

Be aware that a SIM card is required to operate the device. Three-month or one-year plans are available under the Pro or Elite plans, depending on how quickly you want to update. In both cases, you are guaranteed to get the real GPS position of the vehicle in question.

The use of a GPS tracker in business represents a true added value. This is especially important when we see an increase in theft of all kinds. The GPS available under the AXIA banner such as the ONYX or the TRAX are now on sale at Spytronic. Do not hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a precise device or to choose the equipment that best suits your needs.