Security equipment rental

You have probably realized how specialized equipment starts becoming expensive when seeking the ideal product to meet your needs. given the highly refined and the state-of-the-art technology behind some security hardware, you really have to reflect whether or not your purchase will provide you a return on investment (ROI).

We understand your concern. Spytronic has therefore established a security equipment rental service for its customers. you can now save money on valuable equipment if your needs or event is limited in time or scope. this short term strategy provides an effective security solution for many of our private and even governmental customers. our unique rental system is simple and can be applied to several products:

  • Hidden cameras
  • Hunting cameras
  • TSCM tools
  • Sound generators
  • Mini microphones
  • Metal detectors
  • Voice recorders
  • GPS trackers
  • RF detectors
  • Phone recorders
  • and more

Many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction because rentals with us are easy, flexible and economic. our variety of security apparatuses and extended opening hours are convenient for everyone.

for example, this is an interesting option for those who want to reduce costs of organizing important events. when there is a large public or dignitaries, event managers face increased risks in terms of physical security, but only for a given time.

Smaller personal investigations, where our customers are looking to gather evidence in relation to their specific situation, can find an interest in our offering as well. moreover, television sets and movie makers, for example, come to visit us in order to garnish their scenes with authentic security equipment.

The weekly cost of renting is just 25% of the price of the device in question. Please note that we require a security deposit (total value) when renting. For TV or movie studios, a sponsorship program is available under certain conditions. this option is beneficial for a production group seeking to cut costs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the rental service available for everyone!