Spytronic equipment on TVA!

Spytronic is pleased to have participated, by the loan of its equipment, to Salut Bonjour, the popular morning show on TVA.


Indeed, Mr. Francois Charron, technology columnist, presented various covert surveillance devices such as hidden cameras or GPS trackers, which are offered at Spytronic. several evidence gathering products were exposed to the public and intrigued host Gino Chouinard. we had the pen camera, watch camera or the covert wall charger.


Spytronic is available for all viewers who have any questions about the equipment and the worlds of espionage, counter-espionage and evidence gathering. we would like to thank Mr. François Charron and his team at Salut Bonjour, to have considered Spytronic for the security equipment they have displayed.  


At Spytronic, we equip our customers with the evidence they need.