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We hold different books and dvds on diverse security subjects. either historical or biographical books on security or espionnage, we hold also investigational and security how-to dvds that will please the ever learning student in you. contact us online, by phone or come visit us at our montreal-nord store near boulevard industriel for more information on our books and dvds selection.

Telescopic stick: Basic and Advanced techniques

Telescopic stick: Basic and Advanced techniques

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Agressions in real situations, the response to it. They will be explained simply by the best specialists. Language: French – English – Deutsch – Español *This DVD is in PAL...

  • Sku: SPT-BCD-023

DVD: Practical Concealed carry (English)

DVD: Practical Concealed carry (English)

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Carrying a firearm is a tremendous responsibility. If you carry a handgun you owe it to yourself and your community to be proficient both in marksmanship techniques and the physical...

  • Sku: SPT-BCD-018

DVD: How to shoot fast (English)

DVD: How to shoot fast (English)

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Complete how-to information on equipment, draw, grip, stance, sight picture, trigger pull, practice techniques and much more. This is the best, most informative instructional video of its kind in the...

  • Sku: SPT-BCD-014