Preserve the autonomy of a loved one by ensuring their safety


A loved one wants to stay at home, but are you worried? Spytronic has equipment that allows you to have peace of mind about the safety of that loved one. By installing a hidden camera, for example, it is possible to watch the entrances and exits in the apartment, but also to reassure you if you try to contact this relative and he/she does not answer.

Have your loved ones complained of mistreatment by certain professionals visiting them? Using this type of device, it is now possible to develop a solid case based on all the evidence collected and thus letting the voice of loved ones be heard. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us your questions. The quality of life and the safety of your loved ones are the most important things.


The advantages of our equipment

Absolute subtlety

Our products are delivered with the utmost discretion. The majority of them are very subtle or dual-purpose, invisible to the naked eye.


Our products are equipped with the most recent technologies. They are used by the general public, but also by security experts.


The products offered by Spytronic are durable. Used properly, they have a long lifespan and are designed to withstand bad weather.


Our recording devices offer you high definition images that are crisp and clear, so you don’t miss any of the important details


Our surveillance products will give you the evidence you need to build a complete and unequivocal case.

Professional advice

Our professionals, passionate about safety, recommend the best products depending on the situation and advise you without any problem!


Horloge numérique avec caméra cachée

Just like this clock, some of our hidden cameras serve a dual purpose and therefore go unnoticed in your relative's room, allowing you to see if everything is going according to the rules. Thanks to its infrared function, this camera can record up to 20 feet in the dark. Whether in motion detection or continuous mode, you can view the recordings live and remotely from your smartphone and thus see all the interactions with the loved one. Customized or turnkey, our hidden cameras will give you peace of mind and security.

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LawMate Horloge numérique avec caméra cachée 1080p
MemoQ L500 Enregistreur vocal d’une durée de 300 hrs

Enregistreur vocal et chargeur portatif USB

For a more subtle solution, there is the voice recorder. Tucked away in this portable charger, it offers discreet recordings that you can listen to later, allowing you to hear what's going on at any time. All exchanges with your relatives will be recorded. This device works continuously or on detection of sound, and has a battery life of 300 hours. Available in audio only, we offer listening devices with or without wires, with or without indicator lights and for all types of surveillance needs. This type of device can be used to prevent abuse of the elderly and act for their safety.

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Caméra cachée ‘’Station de chargement USB’’

Dissimulée dans une station de chargement USB, cette caméra cachée vous permet de conserver un œil attentif sur vos proches tout en ayant une sécurité d’esprit. Entièrement fonctionnelle, cette station est munie d’un récepteur Wi-Fi qui permet de visionner l’enregistrement en distance à l’aide d’une application simple à utiliser et gratuite pour appareils  mobiles. Rechargez vos appareils grâce à la prise USB tout en enregistrant les actions qui se déroulent dans l’environnement de votre proche, en plus de visionner en temps réel ce qu’il s’y passe. Cet appareil offre l’enregistrement en mode automatique, manuel et à la détection du mouvement, en plus d’une image en haute résolution pour bien distinguer les éléments de preuves.

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Lawmate Caméra Cachée 1080P Wifi-Ip Audio Vidéo Station De Chargement Usb