Terms and Conditions


Spytronic Security Inc. (referred to as "Spytronic" below) offers the sale and rental of products and services in compliance with the federal, provincial and local laws and regulations applicable in Canada. Spytronic assumes no responsibility, as to those legislative or regulatory provisions, with regard to any non-compliant or improper use that could be made by one who buys, rents or uses products and services.


It is within the responsibility of the buyer, renter or user to determine whether the purchase, rental or use of a product is legal and complying with any federal, state or local law in their country, especially in accordance with the following criteria: purchase, possession and use of products being offered by Spytronic. The person who buys, rents or uses them remains solely responsible for verifying such legal requirements; and in the event of a contravention of the present provision, the buyer, renter or user recognises that they will be liable for damages, consequences and/or penalties, and that they will therefore keep Spytronic, its employees, administrators, assignees immune from any complaint or claim whatsoever, whether it comes from authorities or individuals from their country of residence or from Canada.


Certain products and/or equipments are not available to the general public and/or are subjected to restriction in their sale, possession or resale in some countries. It is within the responsibility of the buyer, renter or user to make enquiries on legal obligations applying to their country regarding the purchase, storage, resale, use, transportation or any other use of these equipments or products. The buyer, renter, or user must communicate to Spytronic all information requested by their local government prior to any sale, rental or shipment, in addition to a written order and an authorisation certificate at the level of their government or governmental agency in charge of supervising the purchase, resale, use, transportation, storage or any other use of these equipments or products.


Certain products being sold by Spytronic are subject to restricted use in some countries and may be seized by your customs. The buyer accepts sole responsibility of verifying if the product(s) they acquire is/are allowed entry into their country and exit from Canada. In the event of a product being immobilised at the Canadian customs or at the customs of the importer's country of residence or shipment, Spytronic will assume no responsibility for this product, will provide no refund and will be under no obligation whatsoever towards the buyer and/or the importer, even in case of a confiscation or destruction by customs officials. Spytronic will accept no return of products arriving from the customs or border control agency of any country whatsoever. If the product has not been fully paid for, the buyer will nonetheless remain liable to pay the balance due for this purchase.


The prices displayed on this website are being shown in Canadian Dollars. Sales taxes are not included in prices. All residents of Canada must pay taxes.


You can make your payment by credit card: Visa or MasterCard or with a Paypal Account.


Sales are final and without refund. One exchange can be made upon showing the invoice and putting the product back in its original state, within a period of ten (10) days from the sale. The seller will assume no responsibility for transportation costs in the case of the products being returned, whether faulty or not.


The deposit payable upon signature of the present contract is equal to the product's total sale price. The whole deposit minus the rental value will be given back to the renter within a period of seven (7) days from their returning the rented equipment in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed with Spytronic. If the persons who rents fails to return the equipment, Spytronic will judge the rental as a final sale, without any other notice or time period, and will retain the full amount that was paid by the renter.

The rented equipment must be returned in the same state as at the start of the rental. Should any breakage of the equipment or loss of any parts forming or accompanying it occur, Spytronic will judge the rental as a final sale, without any other notice or time period, and will retain the full amount that was paid by the renter.


Any order shipped outside Canada may be subjected to customs charges. The buyer will solely assume the entirety of responsibilities and costs related to customs clearance for the products being bought or rented.

For safety reasons, any order placed by credit card may be subject to verification, and a minimum period of three (3) working days may be required before proceeding to a shipment. Concerning product rentals by credit card, the full amount of the rental/sale may be debited or pre-authorised from your credit card for security purposes.


Delivery will be free everywhere in Canada in the expedited method (Canada Post's Expedited Parcel Service) on all orders from $200.00 or more. Delivery charges continue to apply to any other shipment excluded from this exception.


With regards to any return, you must fill in a Goods Return Form. We will then assign you an RMA number which must be clearly shown on the parcel; otherwise we will be under the obligation to refuse the parcel. If you are unsatisfied with a product, you only have 10 days to send its return. We will then offer you a credit equivalent to the product's value if we judge that the product being returned is in suitable condition. The credit note will be valid for a new purchase up to a period of 90 days. You must therefore accept the costs of a new shipment. The delivery charges, for a return or a new shipment, are solely within the buyer's responsibility. It is within the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the purchased product(s) are suitable for the use they plan to make of it. In the event of a product's defectiveness, if following an analysis by Spytronic it is apparent such defectiveness is not linked to either the transportation or the use made by the buyer, Spytronic will be able to determine, at its sole discretion, whether a credit can be applied to the costs for a return, transportation or a new shipment, or whether it will be granted to the buyer for later purchases.


A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required for any products or services. Certain products are only available upon order, and others get created in a customised fashion. In both cases, a non-refundable deposit may be required. If an item has not been claimed within 90 days following the deposit, it will become property of Spytronic, without possibility of any later claim or dispute by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for ensuring the recovering of their orders or products, along with the use of their credits. Failure to use their credits within the granted period of 90 days will result in the credits becoming property of Spytronic, and the buyer will no longer be able to use them.


The products sold by Spytronic are under guarantee for ninety (90) days if the conditions of use, of handling, and of installation are being respected, and if the use made of the product is in utter compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. In the event of an alteration or a modification of products, in case of equipment installation without having called in one of the professionals from Spytronic's, and/or should the products be used in a manner unspecified on or unexpected from the manufacturer's instructions, the guarantee shall be nullified and considered void; and Spytronic shall consequently be under no obligation to honour the guarantee it has given on the product or any other additional warranty which Spytronic might have offered or sold to the customer.

The guarantee offered by Spytronic on products it makes remains conditional to instructions regarding handling, storage, maintenance, use and installation being respected. Spytronic cannot be held responsible for any harm, physical injury, and/or material or moral damage, or any other type of damage, inconveniences, or any responsibility resulting from the use, faulty or not, of the products, or from a careless and/or reckless handling, maintenance, storage, use or installation of a product.

The buyer certifies they will use products for purposes that are entirely legal, lawful, legitimate and in compliance with the laws and regulations applying in their country. The buyer will therefore keep Spytronic immune from any complaint related to their use of the products which would be improper according to the laws and regulations applicable in their country of residence, whether the complaint comes from governmental authorities, third parties or the user himself or herself.

Charges by Spytronic may be applied to the receipt, handling, shipment and re-shipment of products to the buyer, whether such charges are covered by a guarantee or not, or are only related to the manufacturer's guarantee or the specific guarantee from Spytronic.


Spytronic only gathers personal information from its customer base and persons authorized to disclose personal information on your behalf. Here are a few examples in which you will have to disclose personal information:

  • When you complete an online transaction via our website
  • When you communicate with us about a guarantee
  • When you communicate with us to get some technical support in relation to our products and services
  • When you fill in promotional forms for our products and services
  • When you submit an entry form for participating in a contest
  • When you register an account within our company
  • When you download a user guide or manual for our products
  • When you communicate in our online forums

And when you communicate with us in a general manner via our webpage please contact us by phone, by post or other means.

Spytronic can also gather personal information from a third party if you have authorised this latter to disclose such information. For instance, it may be about commercial distributors or business partners.

Spytronic gathers only personal information in connection to relevant matter between you and us. This information includes, among other things, your company's name, your own name, your postal address, your email address, your telephone number(s), information related to your current or previous purchases and guarantees, your credit card number, your communications and/or complaints related to our products or services, a record of promotions being offered, preferences related to some of our products along with a summary concerning participations in our contests, your IP address and your Internet browsing habits on our website.

However, please note that the disclosure of your personal information remains limited to business objectives between Spytronic and its customer base for the reasons mentioned above and only aims at improving the quality of services being offered by the company to its clients and customers. Spytronic will not communicate, or will not sell, any information to third parties. Outside the exception of a business framework, Spytronic will ensure confidentiality of your information.

Spytronic only gathers personal information within the context of your relations and interactions with the company. Spytronic may make use of your information for the following purposes:

During the management of a transaction between Spytronic and you that entails an offer of products and/or services, a submission or when you make a request for information in the processing of a products/services purchase or a goods return.

In order to verify your identity in compliance with established practices within the industry concerning any purchase, claim or in accordance with a guarantee or any other interaction between Spytronic and you. During such procedure, it may prove to be possible that additional information on one of our websites is necessary. Such information can include, for instance, your telephone number and your address and any other information required and requested to ensure the verification of payments by credit card.

In order to establish your preferences in creating a profile according to your browsing or purchase habits, to offer you personalised promotions likely to be of interest to you.

When you get in touch by any means of communication with a representative from our company concerning a request, claim, complaint, question and/or problem, for technical support.

During your participation in any service, promotional offer or other things requiring the communication of personal information.

It is possible that Spytronic may use personal information to communicate with you if Spytronic judges an offer to be of interest to you or simply to ask you your opinion on some products and services in order to enhance the quality of the service and products being offered to its customers.

If you are not interested however, Spytronic will not communicate with you.


Spytronic will only gather, disclose or use your personal information once your consent has been obtained. If you are underage according to your province of residence, your State or your department, you must obtain permission from a parent or a guardian before communicating any information of a private nature. Consent can be tacit or express depending on circumstances and the importance of the personal information. When you communicate us your personal information, initiate a transaction or interaction with us, you consent to what we are gathering from you as information, and to us using your personal information in compliance with the present policies on confidentiality and in order to complete the transactions for which such information is requested and/or given.

Spytronic does not offer the sale or rental of any personal information to any third party, external marketing agency, data collection companies, or any other entity. Spytronic only shares such information internally or to its partners in order to fulfil its obligations with regard to you. Spytronic's partners offer, for instance, specialised services to the company such as filing or archiving information along with storing data, processing purchases, detecting and collecting accounts with outstanding balances and supporting voluntary marketing. We request from your partners that these latter protect confidentiality and safety of information, including your personal information, and only necessary information to the provision of services required are given to them. The use of such information is limited to the present policies on confidentiality and to their use in the services being offered by the company.

Spytronic could find itself under the obligation to disclose your personal information for legal reasons following a court order or in response to a judicial summons for instance. It may also be possible that Spytronic discloses personal information in the aim to protect its rights and properties within the context of an investigation, fraud or faulty action.

In the event of an investigation by the authorities from a buyer's country or from Spytronic's country, regarding safety, or any law aiming for safety or related to anti-terrorist measures or any other measure applying to the prevention of violent, criminal or war-related acts, the buyer acknowledges that Spytronic will find itself under the obligation of communicating all information gathered about the buyer, and as such, without any resort whatsoever from the buyer in this respect.

In the event of the complete or partial acquisition of Spytronic by a third party, the information on customers could be made part of the transferred asset.

However, no information of a demographic or personal nature enabling the identification of a person will be shared with no external company or information collection agency for commercial purposes. Spytronic is keen to preserve at all costs the confidentiality of its customer base, given the sensitive nature of the products and services it offers.

Spytronic only gathers personal information from its customers and persons that have been authorised to disclose such information on your behalf. Here are a few examples in which you will have to disclose personal information:

  • An URL address starting with " https:// " rather than " http:// " and/or
    If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer MD or Mozilla Firefox MD, a padlock icon or closed icon gets displayed at the bottom of your browsing window.

Such information gets preserved and can only be archived onto servers operated by, and being the property of, Spytronic and affiliates. These latter generally remain within Canada. Just as previously mentioned, personal information is protected by physical security and surveillance devices designed to control (and limit) access and ensure confidentiality of your information. Personal information which you provide gets preserved and archived within a cautious period of time when it comes to business practices, to honour a guarantee for instance. Should you have any questions or concerns related to the preservation of personal data collected by Spytronic, or regarding safety practices and security measures put in place, please feel free to send us an email via our 'Contact Us' web page for further information and technical details. Spytronic reserves the right to amend, modify or complete the present policies upon secrecy at all time. Nonetheless, please note that Spytronic will not sell or disclose your information to a third party.


All external websites (other than Spytronic's website) for which external links are present are also submitted to their own practices and policies on confidentiality. Responsibility is therefore yours, and you must get informed on their practices beforehand. Spytronic is not liable for practices that were established onto their websites.